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Spirit Week Decorating Help Needed

Spirit Week is only a few weeks away and we need your help preparing the decorations!

Two Opportunities to Help:

1. Sunday May 22nd

Spirit Week decorating party after the 10:30am service in the parish hall.

Help prepare the decorations for Spirit Week2016!

No experience needed.

Parents and children are invited!

We'll share a pizza lunch during the party.

Be sure to bring an extra set of clothes that you are comfortable in. We may be painting, gluing, etc.

2. Saturday, June 11th

Decorating Day - this is the big decorating day when all decorations will go up throughout the building. If you are available to help for an hour or two please let us know. We'll have all the supplies here and our decoration coordinator will be on hand to give direction.

Please let Courtney, or Jenn, know if you will be joining us!

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