Planned Giving

Did you know that giving stocks or other planned giving is easy? 

Contact our bookkeeper, Ashley Brown, for more information.

Flower Donation


You are invited to commemorate a thanksgiving or honor a loved one through the gift of flowers. 


Each of us will imagine St. Benedict’s 2021 in our own way, but in a way as a member of Christ’s Body in the community that is St. Benedict’s.

We cannot do church or stewardship in the same way this year, but there is a faithful hope that we will gather soon, and we will call a Rector. For St. Benedict’s to be the church we imagine will take everyone’s participation. Calling a new Rector is one of the most exciting times in a church’s history and we are almost at that point. We need to come together as the community of St. Benedict’s to support a new Rector by sharing our time, talents and treasures. We truly need all of us to make our church the place that we want it to be. We came to St. Benedict’s for a reason and we have stayed here. We know we are a handful, as Deacon Edith called us in a sermon, but we are an incredibly special church.

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