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Greetings and Peace


Hopefully, you are visiting our website to get a feel for who we are.  Our mission statement says almost everything about us:  We are a welcoming community sharing and spreading Christ love through worship, education, fellowship and outreach.

To find out more, please peruse the website and read about our programs: from outreach to children, to music, to fellowship, to formation. However, if you REALLY want to know who we are, walk through our doors one Sunday morning. You will see a congregation of all races, sexual orientations, political persuasions, and ages. 

Without a doubt, you will see potential friends in the pews.  Children will see anywhere from 20 -50 highly energetic fellow worshipers in children’s chapel or in the pews with their parents.  Newlyweds will see fellow couples embarking on their journey.  Widows, widowers, and singles will feel at home.  Catholics, Baptists, Lutherans and other Mainline Christians will definitely feel a kindred spirit here.  We’ve even been known to make Buddhists, Jews and other religious traditions feel welcomed into our midst.   


Once you visit, you will soon experience that we are more than a mission statement, a well-run program, or a diverse group of people.  We are a community of faith discerning together the journey that is leading us closer and closer to Christ.

We hope you will join us on the journey. 

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