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Sign Up To Go To The Church of the Common Ground on April 29

In 2018, there is a wonderful opportunity for individuals, groups and families to give back!

On Apirl 29, 2018, a group from St. Benedict's will join the Eucharistic worship service with Atlanta's homeless at 1pm in Woodruff Park and bring sack lunches.

Sack lunches should include a sandwich with protein, cheese and fresh greens (NO mayo or mustard please). Include a snack (chips, packaged peanut butter crackers, etc), a bottle of water and a piece of fruit to complete the meal. Soft fruit (think bananas, oranges) is preferred. Feel free to include notes and prayers inside each individual brown paper sandwich bag meal.

You can just provide lunch, (leave lunches in parish kitchen)OR provide lunch and join the outside worship service. Dress for the weather and in comfortable shoes. We load up and meet behind the church and depart at noon.

Contact: Ray Jack for more details and 2018 dates.

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