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Choral Evensong, October 23rd at 5PM

St. Benedict's will offer its first Choral Evensong.

What is Choral Evensong? It is a deep and meaningful service that is part of our Anglican heritage. It is described as an ongoing conversation between God and humankind. It is a conversation that actually began before you were born and will continue beyond our time here. It is a service offered to God by Christians throughout every part of the world and on every hour.

Why celebrate Evensong? It gives us time to be still, reflect and pray while singing and listening to music that draws us into a deeper understanding of the mysteries of our faith and spiritual journey.

What happens during Evensong? The 35-45 minute service involves congregational singing of hymns while the choir will chant anthems appropriate to the readings of the day. There is no sermon or Eucharist celebrated. This time is meant to bring a certain calm and peace to our lives. It will guide us to a time of rest and reflection. It will remove us from our fast-paced daily routine and equip us to navigate through the events in the week ahead.

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