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Calling 3rd-5th Graders: Rite in The Middle

All 3rd - 5th graders are invited to join us in the library (in the parish hall)

at 9:30am for doughnuts, fellowship, and formation!

Rite in the Middle get's it's name from a play on the church word "Rite" and the acknowledgment that the 3rd - 5th grades themselves feel like they are going through a "Rite of Passage" and need a space at church that is all their own.

This age group's time together will be focused on building relationships with their friends, talking about the things that matter in their lives, and connecting their experiences to God through creative activities. Throughout the year this class will also have four-week topic based classes on Acolyting, Prayer, & Liturgy.

We hope your child will join us, we know schedules are hectic, but we invite your child to join us whenever they can!

Parents you can help by signing-up to provide doughnuts one week, here's the link:

(You will be sent a reminder a couple of days before it's your turn!)

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