New Members


Anna Best

What would you like your parish family to know about you?

The parish should know I enjoy a one-on-one conversation with others. I tend to be more shy in larger settings. I have a sense of humor that often drives my husband crazy. It can sometimes be unconventional. I am glad to have this parish as a resource to our family.

What are your hopes for your call to the Daughters of the King?
My hopes are to share my faith with others on a more personal basis and to learn from other daughters.

Who is Jesus for you in this season?
I can see Jesus in every member of this church as they go about sharing their kind and caring natures. We are all made in his image, and thank God for that!

Katherine Robinson

What would you like your parish family to know about you?
I love liturgical living, and all things traditional. Although I certainly falter, celebrating the liturgy year round, and including my children in that tradition, is the foundation of our family. Woodrow and I both grew up in Atlanta. We have been married for seven years and have a 6 year old (Hayden Marie) and a 4 year old (Woods)  - you’ve probably heard them “whisper” during a service or two.

What are your hopes for your call to the Daughters of the King?
To learn how to operate completely outside of myself, and instead use my time for His sake. 
I’m chatty. And loud. And have a big personality. The DOK are not a showy group of women. They are devoted to quietly loving Jesus, praying, and serving their community and parish. They don’t seek praise, they pray constantly in quiet. Just like Jesus.  

Who is Jesus for you in this season?
Although I’ve been in love with Jesus for some time now, it wasn’t until the pandemic that I truly just raised my hands in the air and said “take it. All of it.” Living in a paralyzed world where there is no “right choice” forced me to realize that the only choice that will endure forever is Jesus. 

Glenda Underwood

What would I like my parish family to know about you?
I am a retired teacher of 40 years who taught all grades 1-12 at some point.  Favorite course of study was English, Medieval and Renaissance history.  Loved taking students to Europe and helping those who have special projects in history.  The cat and the piano are my companions.  I enjoy playing at St. B’s whenever called.

What are my hopes for being called to DOK?
So far I have appreciated the intensity of the personal study required of DOK candidates and the devoted women of leadership who lovingly share their love and prayerful stories.  I hope to discover way to serve as opportunity arises.

Who is Jesus for me in this season?
Having never experienced the Anglican Episcopal service until the first time I visited, I saw Jesus in the faces of all who joyfully and sincerely shared ‘The Peace.’  Through Women’s Bible Study and our resourceful leaders, I am learning about the wonders of Jesus with depth and discovery.  He listens when I think and have silent conversations, he is with me in ways I never understood before.  The Sisterhood has lovingly brought me forward and I am enthralled with the numerous opportunities to serve with him.

Daughters of the King: Sisters of Sacred Peace Chapter
St. Benedict’s Episcopal Church

Anna Best, Mary Cahill-Roberts, Robin Cahill-Roberts, Mary Calvin, 
Ann Canipe (Treasurer), Robin Cubbage, Carolyn Elsner, Ellen Gaffney (Secretary), Natascha Lema, Bobbie Limardo, Vera McCabe, Sandra Meier, 
Verdery Newell (President), Annie Offen, Josephine Ogundipe, Victoria Patrick, 
Jenny Porter (Vice President), Katherine Robinson, Julie Savini, Kerry Thomas, 
Glenda Underwood, Adrienne Wilson