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Congregational Hymn for Sunday, January 10.

The Baptism of Our Lord, and the first Sunday of our new Rector, The Rev. Jenna Strizak

The pre-recorded congregational hymns for Advent Lessons & Carols were so wonderful, that we’re planning another one! This special hymn, 390 “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty”, will be to celebrate The Baptism of Our Lord, and the first Sunday that our new Rector, The Rev. Jenna Strizak, will be with us. 

Everyone is invited to join in singing: There is no experience needed, you don’t need to have a beautiful voice, and it's okay if you haven’t participated in the choir before.

Please send your recordings by Sunday, January 3 to give us plenty of time to edit them together before the Lessons and Carols service on Sunday, January 10.

See below for instructions and tips for video recording.

If you have questions, contact Valerie, or feel welcome to drop into any choir Zoom!

Instructions for Video Recording

Click here for PDFs and music tracks:

You will need:

  • One device (computer/tablet) to listen to the track that you will be singing along with.

  • Headphones or earbuds

  • A separate device to record the video (the camera app on most phones will work great!)

While you make your recording, listen to the track in the Google Drive folder on the first device (with headphones/earbuds) and record your singing on the second device. The headphones will prevent the microphone from picking up the accompaniment track. I am singing your part, so sing whenever you hear me singing. 

Tips for making a great video recording:

  • Before the music begins, you will see me count to three and then clap - please clap with me!

It will help the video editor to make sure the image is in time with the sound.

  • Reduce background noise: turn off fans, ACs, noisy appliances; wait for leaf blowers outside.

Any sounds in the background will be picked up by your recorder.

  • Plenty of light on your face, and a placement of the camera on a stable surface that is level with your eyes.

  • Are you sitting or standing? Try standing to increase your energy and support.

  • SING from your heart!

We will mix and balance the recording, so don’t hold back. Smile, sing with confidence, and enjoy the music!

If you and a family member would like to record together, please do! Each person will need their own headphones or earbud to hear the track together.

Email your recordings to me, or drag and drop your file into the Dropbox shared folder.

Let me know if you have any questions – I’m so glad you're with us!!

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