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Welcome to Children's Ministries at St. Benedict’s Episcopal Church!  Our spiritual commitment to our children is deep.  We recognize that as members of the body of Christ, we are responsible for the nurture and development of faith in our children.  In planning, implementing, and maintaining our programs we follow the Children's Charter for the Church, which incorporates three aspects:  the nurture of the child, the ministry to the child, and the ministry of the child.  Knowing that children already have a relationship with God, we seek to provide the space where they can explore and grow in that relationship.


Youth Ministries at St. Benedicts provide fun, fellowship, formation, and service opportunities for 6-12th graders. The goal of EYC is to engage our youth in a welcoming faith community where they are invited and allowed to expand their beliefs as Christians and Episcopalians. We hope to encourage them along their spiritual journeys and to prepare them to live Christ-centered lives.

St. Benedict's complies with the policies set forth in the Diocese of Atlanta's Safeguarding God's Children document.

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